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Ref. No Due Date Description Details
TFR/PD/IC16-11/GLOBAL 10-11-2016 400 Teraflops HPC Server Download
TFR/PD/IC16-11/GLOBAL/Corrigendum1 10-11-2016 Corrigendum1: 400 Teraflops HPC Server Download
TFR/PD/IC16-79/PUB 27-10-2016 Procurement of Compute Servers (As per Technical Specifications) Download
TFR/PD/IC16-78/PUB 27-10-2016 Procurement of 2 Petabyte of Storage System (As per Technical Specifications) Download
TFR/PD/CM16-113/161115/PUB 24-10-2016 Consulting, Engineering, Planning, Supply Installation (Including Civil Works, If Any), Testing Commissioning And Training Of FTTH (Fiber Tothe Home) Passive Components Conforming To Latest Standards Download

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