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CCCF Notice Board Past Notices

Un-subscription of promotional mails

  • Upload Time: 2019-09-25 14:54:14
  • Expiry: 2019-10-25
  • Ref no: TFR/CCCF/GEN/018/2019-20

CC has been receiving complaints from users that huge number of unwanted marketing mails are received in their inbox. Many times we knowingly / unknowingly give email addresses while surfing some of the websites like education, shopping etc. These emails are collected by some of the email marketing agencies and they start sending all marketing mails to our email id. The most effective way to combat such marketing mails is to unsubscribe such mails received in the inbox. These mails usually [...] More

Some Block level Switches down on 19/10/2019

  • Upload Time: 2019-10-16 10:45:34
  • Expiry: 2019-10-19
  • Ref no: Ref :TFR/CCCF/019/2019-20

Users are hereby informed that due to the shutdown announced by electrical department on 19th October 2019 from 0800 hours to 1800 hours, complete services will be down for Block level users where there will be disconnection of power. Please check the electrical shutdown schedule for availability of power for your concerned room/ office/ lab. [...] More

New HPC Service

  • Upload Time: 2019-09-11 10:05:30
  • Expiry: 2019-10-11
  • Ref no: TFR/CCCF/GEN/015/2019-20

Computer Center(CC) is happy to announce the rollout of a new HPC service( The new HPC service is a high end system for running parallel jobs. The HPC is loaded with compilers and libraries to run scientific applications on CPUs and GPUs. [...] More

Phishing Email

  • Upload Time: 2019-09-23 16:09:18
  • Expiry: 2019-09-30
  • Ref no: TIFR/CCCF/017/2019-20

This is to inform all TIFR users that phishing emails are getting circulated to many users from various senders/spammers, content of which resembles the one given below. Dear Users, We are currently shutting down inactive user account to upgrade our system database with the latest software, you will not be able to send/receive new messages within 24 hours if you fail to update your email account. CLICK HERE and follow instructions to update your email account. [...] More

MATLAB License Server Upgrade

  • Author: VINIT S BHOSLE
  • Upload Time: 2019-08-29 16:22:03
  • Expiry: 2019-09-29
  • Ref no: TFR/CCCF/GEN/013/2019-20

MATLAB License Server has been upgraded to the latest version of MATLAB R2019a Software. [...] More

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