Thursday, 25/04/2019       
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Tenders Past Notices

Ref. No Due Date Description Details
TIFR/PD/CF18-83/182496 24-04-2019 Complete Renovation Of Toilet And Kitchen Blocks At Bramhagupta Hostel At TIFR Mumbai As Per Attached Tender Documents Download
TIFR/PD/IC18-115/182599 24-04-2019 Total Pressure Guage with inbuilt controller and display unit (As per attached specifications) Download
TIFR/PD/IC18-114/182597 24-04-2019 Trubomolecular Pump (As per attached specifications) Download
TFR/STR/DIS/PAPER/U-2/19-20 24-04-2019 Annual Contract For Disposal Of All Papers Scrap,News Papers,Cardboard Boxes etc, As Per Attached Tender Documents Download
TIFR/STR/397-264-vo1.29 24-04-2019 Award Of Comprehensive Annual Maintenance Contract For The Desktop For The Period From May 01, 2019 to April 30, 2020 Download

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