Sunday, 25/02/2018       
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Tenders Past Notices

Ref. No Due Date Description Details
TIFR/PD/IC17-123/172177 23-02-2018 Ultra Sonicator (As per attached Technical Specifications) Download
TFR/PD/CF17-115/171998 21-02-2018 Providing Catering And Serving Services At Jagdish Students Canteen At TIFR,Mumbai As Per Attached Tender Document Download
TIFR/PD/IC17-89/171736 16-02-2018 Cryogenic Cloased cycle Probe Station Download
TIFR/PD/CM17-201/172131 14-02-2018 Platinum Foil and Gold Wire As Per Attached Document Download
TIFR/PD/IM17-269/172140 14-02-2018 Iridium (IV) oxide, 99.99 percentage Download

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