Monday, 18/02/2019       
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Ref. No Due Date Description Details
TIFR/PD/IC18-91/182207 15-02-2019 Turbo Molecular Pump (As per attached specifications) Download
TIFR/PD/IC18-88/182176 15-02-2019 TrubroMolecular Pump (As per attached Specifications) Download
TIFR/PD/CF18-70/182177 15-02-2019 Supply/Fabrication/Installation of Aluminium Framed Partition At Satyendra-301,Parashara-207 Extra 4 Partitions In Living Rooms Of Satyendra (New Students Room) At TIFR Mumbai As Per Attached Tender Document Download
TIFR/PD/IC18-79/182107 13-02-2019 Rotary Vane Pump and Others (As per attached specifications) Download
TIFR/PD/IC18-77/182091 13-02-2019 Dual RF Power Supply (As Per Attached Specifications) Download

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