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Ref. No Due Date Description Details
TIFR/PD/CA18-8/180056/Corrigendum 16-05-2018 Corrigendum: Technical Specifications: Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Electro-Mechanically operated, Drum Type Organic Waste Composter Machine Download
TIFR/PD/CF18-11/180098 11-05-2018 Supply And Installation Of Aluminum Framed Partition And Doors At Satyendra 101 and 14 Nos Flats In Parashara Building At TIFR Colaba Mumbai - 400 005 Download
TIFR/PD/CF18-3/180006 20-04-2018 Replacement Of Broken Drainage Line And Drain Chambers Connected To Gents Wing Side Of Hostel Building Of TIFR, Colaba, Mumbai – 400005. Download
TIFR/PD/CF18-4/180007 20-04-2018 Cleaning Of HVAC Duct System Comprising Supply Air Duct, Conduits, Grills, Vertical Masonry Return Air shaft Etc. Of ‘C’ Block High Velocity (HV) And All Five Floor Of Pelletron Building AC System At TIFR, Mumbai As Per Attached Tender Documents. Download
TIFR/PD/CF18-5/180008 20-04-2018 Pre-Monsoon Protection Works For Institutional Building And Roads At TIFR, Mumbai- 400005. (As per attached documents). Download

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