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Ref. No Due Date Description Details
TFR/PD/CM11-102 17-08-2011 Supply of Internet Bandwidth of 200 MBPS As per attached documents Download
TFR/PD/IC11-076/30924 05-08-2011 A four-channel 700 MHz NMR Spectrometer for Solution-state NMR experiments as part of the Molecular Biophysics (NMR) activity at the Transit Campus of TIFR Hyderabad. As per attached specifications. Download
TFR/PD/CM11-091/31049 03-08-2011 Supply, installation, testing, commissioning and programming of Wired Network IP Camera (for laboratory SURVEILLANCE) for the new campus building of TIFR, Hyderabad Download
TFR/PD/IC11-046/PUB 21-07-2011 Chassis Switch and 19" Network Rack. As per our technical specifications. Download
TFR/PD/IC11-045/PUB 21-07-2011 High-end firewall. As per our technical specifications Download

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