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TFR/PD/FR12-016/PUB 01-11-2012 Supply, Installation, and Commissioning of Laboratory Furniture items for TIFR, (TCIS), Hyderabad, as per attached Technical specification sheet, Bill of Quantity and Floor Plan Drawing. Download
TFR/PD/CM12-150/41147 01-11-2012 Civil Work for Construction of Temporary Shed ( PART "A") and Erecting a Prefabricated Structure of Temporary Shed ( PART "B"). Location : Fish Facility, Near Animal House, TIFR, Colaba, Mumbai 400005. As per attached specifications. Download
TFR/PD/IC12-038/PUB 11-10-2012 Arbitrary Waveform Generator Download
TFR/PD/IC12-041/PUB 11-10-2012 Confocal Scanning Raman System Download
TFR/PD/IC12-037/PUB 08-10-2012 Spectrum Analyzer Download

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