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TFR/PD/IC9-080/PUB 05-11-2009 Low background P type HPGe Detector with Carbon Fiber endcap as per attached sheet .....01 No. Download
TFR/PD/IC9-074/PUB 03-11-2009 Supply, installation, testing and commissioning of Liquid Nitrogen Plant ...01 system Capacity :~100Liters per hour at 2 barg pressure and 99.5% purity.Complete with the associated equipments for its stand alone operation and control,with the deta Download
TFR/PD/IC9-055/PUB 03-11-2009 RAMAN LIDAR as per the specifications attached .....01 No. Download
TFR/PD/IC9-081/PUB 03-11-2009 A 4.8T Cryogen free superconducting solenoid Clear bore 150mm, effective length 450mm Approx.~350mm with SS304 Download
TFR/PD/IM9-167/PUB 29-10-2009 Double clad WLS fiber of round shape ....70KM Type : Y11(200)M, S-type Diameter :1.0mm Length : 70KM on spool, (Spool diameter 1meter and 2KM fiber in one spool) Download

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