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TFR/PD/IC16-146/PUB 09-02-2017 Supply, Installation, Testing and Commissioning of Fibre Switches (As per attached Technical Specifications) Download
TFR/PD/IC16-159/162127 02-02-2017 Supply of Instrument components for Maneto-optic kerr setup Download
TFR/PD/IC16-131/161853 30-01-2017 Stand Alone System to maintain Zebrafish (As per technical Specifications) Download
TFR/PD/IC16-144/162005 23-01-2017 Compact, single shot spectrometer for measuring ultrashort laser pulses.(As per attached technical specifications) Download
TFR/PD/IC16-143/161964 23-01-2017 Pulsed didode-pumped passively Q-switched solid state UV-LASER. (As per attached technical specifications) Download

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