Friday, 22/11/2019       

Administrative Committees / Office Orders

  1. Accomodation Allottment Guidelines for Academic Staff
  2. Adoption of Government of India calendar year block for LTC
  3. Advisory Committee for TIFR Endowment Fund
  4. Advisory Committee on Policy, Planning and Coordination
  5. Air Travel by non-Air India flights
  6. Apex Committee for Colaba Campus (ACCC)
  7. Appellate Authority for implementation of RTI in TIFR, Mumbai
  8. Appointment of Public Information Officer at ICTS, Bengaluru
  9. Appointment of Public Information Officer at NCBS, Bengaluru
  10. Appointment of Public Information Officer at TIFR, Mumbai
  11. Art & Archives Committee
  12. Benevolent Fund Committee
  13. Budget and Planning Group
  14. Building and Works Committee
  15. Canteen Committee
  16. Computer Centre and Communications Facility (CCCF) Committee
  17. Conference Cell
  18. Constitution of IWG Committee
  19. Contingency Grant and Book Grant for Research Scholars - Visiting Fellows
  20. Credit Facility on e-Wallets
  21. Disaster Management Plan
  22. Discontinuation of Interviews for Recruitment Staff members under group C posts
  23. External Relations Cell
  24. Fellowship enhancement for Research Scholars Committee
  25. Finance Committee
  26. Gender Neutrality
  27. GMRT Time allocation Committee(GTAC)
  28. Grant of lumpsum incentives on acquiring higher qualification
  29. Grievance Cell
  30. Guesthouse, Hostel and Off-Campus Accommodation Committee
  31. Guidelines for leave with lien
  32. Human Resources Committee (HRC)
  33. Hyderabad Co-ordination Committee
  34. Hyderabad Project Management and Implementation Committee
  35. Information Systems Development Group (ISDG) Committee
  36. Institute Safety Committee
  37. Institute Welfare Committee
  38. IPR - Consultancy Recommendations Committee
  39. IWG Committee
  40. Local Purchase Committee (LPC)
  41. Local Purchase Committee for Computer and Accessories
  42. Low Temperature Facility Committee
  43. MOU Agreement External Projects Consultancy Committee
  44. NMR Management Advisory Committee
  45. Off-Campus accommodation for Research Scholars, Visiting Fellows etc.
  46. Official Language Implementation Committee
  47. Over-Time and Daily Wages Committee
  48. Pension Cell
  49. Planning Committee for the Colaba Campus (PCCC)
  50. Procurement and Works Apex Committee
  51. Project Implementation Committee (PIC)
  52. Purchase Committee
  53. Recreation Users Committee
  54. Revision of fellowship to Research Scholars, JRF, SRF & Visiting Fellows
  55. Science Popularisation and Public Outreach Committee
  56. Scientific & Engineering Services Committee
  57. Security Committee
  58. SIRC Committee
  59. Space Allocation Committee
  60. Standing Committee on Academic Ethics
  61. Standing Tender Committee
  62. Stores and Procurement Policy Advisory Committee
  63. Subject Boards
  64. TCIS Standing Tender Committee (TSTC)
  65. Teachers' Contingency Grant
  66. Technical Disposal Committee
  67. Tender Opening Committee
  68. TIFR Building Project Committee
  69. TIFR Hyderabad Project Management and Implementation Committee
  70. TIFR Webpage Committee
  71. Transport Committee
  72. Uniform Committee
  73. Womens Cell