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Name Role Mobile E-mail
Abby JosephEngineer - TSR8454848514
Acharya B SFaculty9892104000
Ambekar Raju P9987260960
Antony George Registrar ;Transparency Officer 9892102000
Ayyub PushanFaculty9987260962
Bapna Divya9869455666
Barretto JohnSecretary, School of Technology and Computer Science9892100424
Bhattacharya ArnabFaculty9892100406
Bheesette Satyanarayana9987537702
Chougule R SOfficer-in-Charge, Transport9892100411
Dhar Sudesh KumarFaculty9869209403
Dighe Amol SFaculty9892100404
Dikshit Sucheta S Legal Officer ;Public Information Officer 9004602302
Gavai Rajiv VFaculty9987260954
Goel NihitaHead, Information Systems Design Group9004090195
Hingar Mahendra K9004393794
Hosur Ramakrishna Vijayacharya Head, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility ;Faculty 9987051556
Jagtap R HEngineer-in-Charge Civil9004090197
K R KrishnakumarAccounts Officer D9892100416
Kajrolkar Kishor B9004680292
Kakade Mohan MTIFR Hyderabad Campus Secretary9004680297
Krishnamurthy M Faculty ;TIFR Hyderabad 9004680294
Krishnamurthy SAssistant Registrar, Academics9892100407
Limbare Ajay LEngineer8454849617
Mazumdar ShyamalavaFaculty9769437307
Mishra Surendra NathFaculty9892100409
Naik Vijay M9987260966
Nanal Vandana SFaculty9987260956
Nigam Arun KFaculty9004090200
Paithankar Kishore S9004088230
Pandya Paritosh KFaculty9892106060
Parameswaran A JFaculty9892100403
Patil Rajesh V9004602301
Patil Ramakant A8454849183
Pawar V S9892100408
Phadke Yogendra GEngineer - TSR8454849620
Pillay Ronald GFaculty9987052703
Punia PunitaSecretary, Natural Sciences Faculty9004090191
Radhakrishnan JaikumarFaculty9004680293
Raghavan H Engineer-in-charge ;Cccf 9987260955
Raghavan Sandhya9892100405
Ramanachary Kandala VFaculty9987260959
Rangari J HEngineer - TSR8454848102
Rao Ravi AFaculty9892100403
Ray KrishanuFaculty9892100401
Rupdaja Amarkumar MEngineer - TSR 8454848512
Salve Ajay E9987060920
Sampathkumaran E VFaculty9892100402
Sane Sharad JVigilance Officer9892100410
Shah Dharmesh V9004680296
Sharma Rajesh REngineer (Air Conditioning), TSR9004090199
Sharma ShobhonaFaculty9987260961
Shinde Mohan RDirector Office9892100430
Singh Ajinder Pal9004090198
Sinha SangamEngineer-in-Charge, Central Workshop9892100425
Sonawane Anil M9892100427
Srinivasan K V9987260952
Srivastava Vivek PEngineer F, TSR9967730065
Tole ShubhaFaculty9987260957
Trivedi Sandip PFaculty9892105000
Wategaonkar Sanjay JFaculty9987260964
Yadav J SFaculty9892103030