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Name Role Mobile E-mail
Abby JosephEngineer - TSR8454848514
Acharya B S Faculty ; Convener ;Budget Planning Group 9892104000
Ambekar Raju P9987260960
Antony George Registrar ;Transparency Officer 9892102000
Ayyub Pushan Faculty ;Chairperson:Transport Committee;Chairperson: Dept. of Condensed Matter Physics 9987260962
Bapna Divya Director Office ;Secretary, Internal Working Group 9869455666
Barretto JohnSecretary, School of Technology and Computer Science9892100424
Bhattacharya Arnab Chairperson, Science Popularisation and Public Outreach Committee ;Faculty 9892100406
Bheesette Satyanarayana9987537702
Chougule R SOfficer-in-Charge, Transport9892100411
Dhar Sudesh Kumar Faculty ;Chief Vigilance Officer 9869209403
Dhonde Milind M9892100426
Dighe Amol S Faculty ; Dean ;Graduate Studies 9892100404
Dikshit Sucheta SLegal Officer9004602302
Gavai Rajiv V Faculty ;Chairpreson,Dept. of Theoretical Physics 9987260954
Goel NihitaHead, Information Systems Design Group9004090195
Hingar Mahendra K9004393794
Hosur Ramakrishna Vijayacharya Head, Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Facility ;Faculty 9987051556
Jadhav Mahendra H Administrative Officer (gen. Admin.) ;Public Information Officer 9987260953
Jagtap R HEngineer-in-Charge Civil9004090197
K R KrishnakumarAccounts Officer D9892100416
Kajrolkar Kishor BEngineer - TSR9004680292
Kakade Mohan MTIFR Hyderabad Campus Secretary9004680297
Kanchan Bipin G9892100418
Krishnamurthy M Faculty ;TIFR Hyderabad 9004680294
Krishnamurthy SAssistant Registrar, Academics9892100407
Limbare Ajay LEngineer8454849617
Mazumdar Shyamalava Faculty ;Chairperson: Grievance Cell;Chairperson: Dept. of Chemical Sciences 9769437307
Mishra Surendra Nath Faculty ;Chairperson - DNAP;Chairperson- Institute Safety Committee 9892100409
Naik Vijay M9987260966
Nanal Vandana S Faculty ; Chairperson - Procurement & Stores Committee ;Chairperson- Standing tender Committee 9987260956
Nigam Arun K Chairperson, Scientific & Engineering Services Committee ;Faculty 9004090200
Paithankar Kishore S9004088230
Pandya Paritosh K Faculty ;Dean STCS 9892106060
Patil Rajesh V9004602301
Patil Ramakant A8454849183
Pawar V S9892100408
Phadke Yogendra GEngineer - TSR8454849620
Pillay Ronald GFaculty9987052703
Punia PunitaSecretary, Natural Sciences Faculty9004090191
Radhakrishnan Jaikumar Faculty ;Chairperson, Information Systems Development Committee 9004680293
Raghavan HEngineer-in-Charge,CCCF9987260955
Raghavan Sandhya9892100405
Ramanachary Kandala V Second Campus Hyderabad ;Faculty 9987260959
Rangari J HEngineer - TSR8454848102
Rao Ravi A Faculty ;Dean, School of Mathematics 9892100403
Ray Krishanu Faculty ;Chairperson, Hostel and Guest House Committee 9892100401
Rupdaja Amarkumar MEngineer - TSR 8454848512
Salve Ajay ETheoretical Physics Computer (SMS)9323958862
Samanta SamirenduShift-in-Charge, Technical Services 9892100423
Sampathkumaran E VFaculty9892100402
Sane Sharad JVigilance Officer9892100410
Shah Dharmesh V9004680296
Sharma Rajesh REngineer (Air Conditioning), TSR9004090199
Sharma ShobhonaFaculty9987260961
Shinde Mohan RDirector Office9892100430
Singh Ajinder PalEngineer-in-Charge Electrical9004090198
Sinha SangamEngineer-in-Charge, Central Workshop9892100425
Sonawane Anil M9892100427
Srinivasan K V9987260952
Srivastava Vivek PEngineer F, TSR9967730065
Tole Shubha Faculty ;Chairperson, Canteen Commitee 9987260957
Trivedi Sandip P Faculty ;Director 9892105000
Wategaonkar Sanjay J Faculty ;Chairperson : Apex Committee for Colaba Campus 9987260964
Yadav J S Faculty ;Co-chairperson, Scientific & Engineering Services Committee 9892100422