TIFR Science News (TSN) User Guide

TIFR Science News (TSN) is a web application for linking the experimental images, connected to various research topics, to the list of frequently asked questions / discussions about the research topic in question symbolized by and represented by the image. In addition, there will be a serial list of Frequently Asked Questions.

System Context

  1. Images appear at the TIFR Home page.
  2. On clicking the image the Article page is opened.
  3. Reader can Ask a Question or Related Question on the topic. Reader details are logged and tracked by the system. Any reader whose 2 queries / 2 Related Questions are marked spam by the authors gets black listed and he/she can no further Ask a queries / Related Questions unless white listed by the administrator on email request from reader.
  4. Authentic author who is the legitimate owner of the image will validate the Related Questions or reply to the queries and Ask a them accordingly. Author has the options to submit, delete, regroup and rephrase a Related Question and also mark Question / Related Question as spam. Also there is provision to close a Related Question thread / Question by the author. Author has the provision to rephrase the answers related to his/her image and also clean up the Related Question threads in the editing mode.
  5. Reader is informed by email as soon as the question is moderated and answered.
  6. Related FAQs are grouped and displayed in the article page.

Categories of users

Workflow of Article Submission

  1. As soon as the author submits the full article and image, the article is marked for review to TSN Editor
  2. TSN Editor can recommend editing / acceptance / rejection.
  3. TSN Admin acts upon TSN Editor recommendation

Workflow of Article Submission in Edit Mode

Entities involved :

  1. Author: Entity owns the article and takes responsibility for the article content.
    Role : Edits the article
  2. TSN Admin : Central TSN administrator and has actionable access to all articles for accepting / rejecting.
    Role : TSN Admin can either Accept the article / Reject the article based on TSN Editor recommendation.
  3. TSN Editor: Entity in charge of semantic check for article content. Will have a separate interface similar to TSN Admin interface but this interface will have access to articles only and to no user accounts
    Role : TSN editor can ask author for further editing, recommend approval or recommend rejection

Flow Control:

  1. TSN Editor Recommends Acceptance : TSN Admin accepts the article and the article gets into the Main page display list of articles. Acceptance mail sent to author
  2. TSN Editor Recommends Rejection : TSN Admin rejects the article and the article gets deleted. Rejection mail sent to author.
  3. TSN Editor Recommends Editing : Now the Interaction is between the TSN editor and Author till TSN editor takes a recommendation view point of acceptance / rejection. Till that time the article page will not be accessible

User Interface Elements

Details of User Interface pages for readers

  1. Article Page

    Article Page
  2. Query Page

    Query Page

    User input field values' restrictions at Query Form

Details of User Interface pages for authors

  1. Image upload page:

    Add Image Page
    Used for uploading image and article by the author.

    User input fields' value restrictions on Upload Image Page

  2. Copyright verification and acceptance page:

    Copyright Page
  3. Preview & final article submission page.

    Preview Page
  4. Response Form

    Response Page
  5. Edit Article Pages

  6. Secure Login

  7. Change Passwd

  8. Sign up

Details of User Interface pages for TSN editor

  1. Article Moderation:

    Editor View Page

Details of User Interface pages for TSN Administrator

  1. TSN System Administration:

    Admincontrol Page
  2. Log Reports