Technical Services

The Technical Services Group is responsible for maintaining on a round-the-clock basis, the following Systems.

  1. Air-conditioning systems including the Chilling plants, Split A/C units, Package units, Window Air-conditioners, Water Coolers, Deep freezers, etc.
  2. Maintaining both the HT & LT Electrical systems and Lifts in the Institute.
  3. Maintaining Water supply & Hydrant systems, Sanitary & Drainage systems.
  4. Water supply management in both Institute & Colony.
  5. Civil works including all masonry, plumbing, painting, carpentry, mechanical and fabrication works.
  6. Maintenance of City flats, Guest House and Hostel.

This group also plans and implements upgradation/replacement and new projects in the above areas on a continuous basis to ensure all systems are in good working condition at all times. It also coordinates with Government departments and DCS&EM for construction of new buildings. The group provides engineering support to the on-going research activities in the Institute as also during conferences, workshops, etc.

About Workorder                                                                                     

What is a work order? How can you place a work order?

A work order is the means by which you can lodge complaints and request service from our group. You can place the work order in one of several ways:

  • Through the web, by filling in the Workorder form
  • By e-mail, sent to the address tsr_complaints [at]
  • By filling in a paper complaint form (blank forms are kept at the A-Block reception, and can be dropped off in a collection box right there)
  • Telephonically, by dialing 2331 (please remember to ask for the Telephonic Complaint number that will be assigned to your complaint immediately on your call being logged).

What happens to your work order?

When we receive your work order, we assign it a **number** and the Engineer-in-Charge assigns the work to the relevant section. For web-based submissions, you will receive this number automatically along with the acknowledgement that your complaint has been sent to the Engineer-in-Charge. For later enquiries in connection with your work order you should quote this number. When the work is completed, your signature certifying satisfactory completion of the work will be sought by the team performing the work

Whom should you talk to about your work order?

Air-conditioning, Shri. R. R.Sharma

Electrical, Shri. A.P. Singh

Civil & Mechanical, Shri. R. H. Jagtap

Guest House & Hostel, Shri. Rabi Ghosh


If you want service urgently, call one of the following emergency numbers:

AC Plant Room : 2337

Power House : 2601

Shift-duty Foreman: 2569

Shift In-charge : 2915 / 9892100423

Please note that these numbers SHOULD NOT be resorted to unless there is an emergency.