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Self Organisation : Clouds to Crystals

Shankar Ghosh Soft Matter Group
Self Organisation : Clouds to Crystals
(a) Silicone oil drop in immersion oil in zero field. (b–h) Structures seen as a function of frequency spanning hydrodynamic and dipolar regimes. The electric field is perpendicular to the plane of the page. ... read more

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Today: Jul 25, 2014

  • Ms. Garima Saraswat, "Visualising Local Density of States: Scanning Tunneling Spectroscopic Studies on Conventional Superconductors" in AG-66 starts at 1100
  • Dr. Vamsi Pingali (John Hopkins University, USA), "Some analytic and computational aspects of Chern-Weil forms" in AG-77 starts at 1100
  • Podcast Prof. Nitin Nitsure (School of Mathematics, TIFR), "Euclidean Geometry, Analysis and Physics" in AG-66 starts at 1600
  • Prof. Nitin Nitsure (TIFR, Mumbai), "Euclidean Geometry, Analysis and Physics (Aset Colloquium)" in AG-66 starts at 1600