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First light from Large Area X-ray Proportional Counter (LAXPC) instrument on board ASTROSAT

9 Dec 2015

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Astrosat's Soft X-Ray Telescope sees first light

1 Nov 2015

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New approach toward a broad spectrum malaria vaccine

22 Oct 2015

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First Light of Astrosat: CZT Imager looks at crab

8 Oct 2015

Astrosat, India's first astronomy satellite launched

28 Sept 2015

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Glitter from silver lights up Alzheimer's dark secrets

3 September 2015

Toxic Alzheimer’s amyloid beta molecules landing on a fake cell membrane wrapped around a silver nanoparticle. A laser, with help from the silver particle, lights up the molecule to reveal its structure.

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Ultrafast Atom Transfer Chemistry inside Nanocontainers!

10 July 2015

Chemistry driven by emergent host-guest charge transfer (CT) excitations in water.

Green Chemistry by Nanocatalysis

Various sizes, shapes and morphologies of nanocatalysts.

8 Oct 2013


Direct evidence of intercalation in a topological insulator turned superconductor

Retrieved phase of exit face wave of an intercalated region of uniform thickness within Cu doped Bi2Se3 single crystal reveals three distinct types of atomic columns, the position of Cu atoms are shown in the schematic.

5 February 2013

A Nano-gear in a Nano-motor inside you

Cellular materials being transported by molecular motors.

1 February 2013

Proteins and the Computational Microscope

The computational microscope is a set of theoretical and numerical tools which allows us to interpret and extend experimental data.

31 January 2013

Accelerating neutral atoms on a Table top

Researchers at UPHILL lab in TIFR have generated the first table-top mega-electron-volt neutral atom source.

31 January 2013

Self Organisation : Clouds to Crystals   

Self organization of large-scale structures in nature - either coherent structures like crystals, or incoherent dynamic structures like clouds - is governed by long-range interactions.

24 December 2012

Is the Higgs boson finally seen at LHC?

29 June 2012

Dynamics of Molecular Negative Ions Unravelled

Momentum distribution of (a) H- and (b) O- from H2O produced by 12 eV electron impact. The vertical arrow indicates the direction of the electron beam.

27 February 2012

Neutron star: A laboratory in the sky

Left: X-ray intensity vs. time of a thermonuclear X-ray burst; right: X-ray energy spectrum of a relativistic emission line from a neutron star system.

27 February 2012

Novel route for fabricating nanowire transistors

False coloured scanning electron microscope image of nanowire wrap-gate transistor.

1 February 2012

Plasmonic Crystals

6 January 2012

Pseudogap state in superconductors

Phase diagram of superconducting NbN films as a function of disorder. At high disorder, Cooper pairs do not disappear at the superconducting transition, Tc, but continue to exist up to a much higher temperature, T*, called the pseudogap temperature.

4 July 2011

Defrosting matter

In the conjectured phase diagram of QCD the hadronic state exists at low temperature and density and changes into the quark gluon plasma at the cross over temperature of 175 MeV, or about 2,000,000,000,000 Celsius. A critical point is also predicted.

24 June 2011

Dynamics of two-fluid interfaces in porous media

Experimentally obtained 3-D images of oil (shown in red) displacing a more viscous immiscible fluid (not shown) in a porous medium for increasing flow rates from left to right.

23 June 2011


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