Scientific Publications

Alak K. Ray

May 2007

In Journals

  1. "Type IIP Supernova SN 2004et: A Multi-Wavelength Study in X-Ray, Optical and Radio'' -- Kuntal Misra,   Dave Pooley,   Poonam Chandra,   D. Bhattacharya,   Alak K. Ray,   Ram Sagar,   and Walter H. G. Lewin,   2007,   submitted to MNRAS

  2. "Results from an extensive broadband simultaneous campaign on the underluminous active nucleus M81*'' -- Sera Markoff,   Michael Nowak,   Andrew Young,   Herman L. Marshall,   Claude Canizares,   Alison Peck,   Glen Petitpas,   Melanie Krips,   Rainer Schoedel,   Geoffrey Bower,   Poonam Chandra,   Alak Ray,   Michael Muno,   Sarah Gallagher,   and Seth Hornstein,   2007,   in preparation for Ap J.  

  3. "Chandra's Tryst with SN 1995N'' -- P. Chandra,   A. Ray,   E. Schlegel,   F.K. Sutaria,   and   W. Pietsch,   2005,   Ap J.,   629,   933

  4. "Detection of a radio counterpart to the 27 December 2004 giant flare from SGR 1806 - 20'' -- P. B. Cameron,   P. Chandra,   A. Ray,   S. R. Kulkarni,   D. A. Frail,   M. H. Wieringa,   E. Nakar,     E. S. Phinney,   Atsushi Miyazaki,   Masato Tsuboi,   Sachiko Okumura,   N. Kawai,   K. M. Menten,    F. Bertoldi,   2005,   Nature,   434,   1112

  5. "Baby Supernovae through the looking glass at long wavelengths" -- Poonam Chandra and Alak Ray, 2004, Bull. Astr. Soc. India, 32, 223

  6. "The late time radio emission from SN 1993J at meter wavelengths" -- P. Chandra, A. Ray, and S. Bhatnagar, 2004, Ap J., 612, 974

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  21. "Circulation of matter and evolution of the internal magnetic field in neutron stars" -- V. A. Urpin and A. Ray, 1994, M.N.R.A.S. 267, 1000

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In Conference Proceedings

  1. "Electron injection in a young supernova and evolution towards a Supernova remnant" -- Alak Ray, Swapan Chattopadhyay and Poonam Chandra, to be published in the ``Proc. of the Workshop on Supernova 1987A: 20 Years After; Supernovae and Gamma-Ray Bursters" at Aspen, Colorado, USA ed. Kurt Weiler, Stefan Immler, Richard McCray, 2007, AIP Conference Series.

  2. "Implications of aging in young supernovae" -- Poonam Chandra and Alak Ray, Proc. of the Workshop on "1604/2004 Supernovae as Cosmological Lighthouses" at Padua, Italy, ed. M. Turatto et al, ASP Conference Series, Vol 342, 2005, p. 430.

  3. "Stars as thermonuclear reactors: their fuels and ashes" -- A. Ray, Lecture Notes on Nuclear Astrophysics at the Fifth SERC School on Nuclear Physics at Panjab University, Chandigarh, in ``Radioactive Ion Beams and Physics of Nuclei  away from the line of Stability" (eds. I.M. Govil and R.K. Puri), Elite Publishing, New Delhi (2003). (This paper is referenced by Wikipedia: Stellar_nucleosynthesis).

  4. "Low frequency observations of SN 1993J with Giant Meterwave Radio Telescope" -- P. Chandra, A. Ray and S. Bhatnagar, in the Proceedings of IAU Colloquium 192 "Supernovae (10 years of SN 1993J)", Valencia, Spain, (eds. J. M. Marcaide and K. W. Weiler).

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Book, Book Review  and Astronomical Circulars: 

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Alak K. Ray  22 May, 2007