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Presentation of the Best Ph.D. Thesis Awards and Seminars


The Best Ph. D. Thesis awardees for the year 2001 are as follows:

Dr. Pratap Raychaudhuri: TAA Geeta Udgaonkar Award for the best Ph.D. thesis in Physical Sciences.


Dr. A. Raghuram: TAA Harish-Chandra Memorial Award for the best Ph.D. thesis award in Mathematics and Computer Science.


Dr. S. C. Sahu: TAA Zita Lobo Memorial Award for the best Ph.D thesis in Biological and Chemical Sciences.


Dr. Raychaudhuri and Dr. A. Raghuram will give Seminars on this occasion.


The above awards are also co-sponsored by Sasken Communication Technologies (Sasken), Bangalore. Mr. Rajiv Mody, Chief Executive Officer, Sasken has been invited to present the award medals during a special Seminar session as per the following schedule:


Venue : TIFR, Main Lecture Theatre

Time : 4.00 P.M.

Date : Tuesday, October 8, 2002

Speakers : Dr. Pratap Raychaudhuri

Title: La_(1-x)Ce_xMnO_3: An unexplored phase of doped rare- earth manganites

Dr. A. Raghuram

Title: Group representations