Future of the past

A workshop organized under the aegis of ICTS

November 22-26, 2011 at Mangalore



Papers and PowerPoint presentations


Name / email ID  






Aijaz Bandey  


 Emerging trends in the stuty of Kashmir - presentation

draijazbandey [at] @yahoo [dot] co [dot] in  






Amit Roy  


 IUAC Pelletron Accelerator - presentation

roy [at] iuac [dot]res [dot]in






R.S. Bisht


 Harappan Hydro Engineering & Water Management

rsbishtarch [at] gmail [dot]com






S.G. Dani  


 Ancient Indian Mathematics: An Overview – presentation

dani [at] math [dot] [tifr] res [in]


 Ancient Indian Mathematics: An Overview - paper




Deepak Mathur 


 Physical methods of possible use in scientific archaeology

atmol1 [at] gmail [dot] mcom






P.P. Joglekar  


 Bioarchaeological studies in India: An assessment of progress and prospects - slides

pramjog [at] @yahoo [dot] co [dot] in


 Bioarchaeological studies in India: An assessment of progress and prospects - paper


Mark Kenoyer  


 Excavations at Harappa: New Instrumentation and their Potential for Archaeology



 FOP pdf of ppt\Kenoyer Harappa Mangalore 2a.pdf




K. Krishnan  


 Micromorphological analyses of Indian ceramics: Issues and Prospects

krishnan [dot] msu [at] gmail [dot]com 






James Lankton  


 Glass Technology of the Past: Preparing for the Future - slides

jamesyuri [at] gmail [dot] com


 Scientific study of Indian glass - paper




Randall Law  


 Archaeometric Characterization and Provinence Studies of Stone and Metal Artifacts

rwlaw [at] wisc [dot] edu






Jang Sik Park  


 Metallurty and Archaeology – slides



 Metallurgy and Archaeology - paper




Prabodh Shirvalkar 


 New Insights into Old Pottery: An Alternative Technique

prabodh.s [at] gmail [dot] com






S,N. Rajguru  


 Pleistonce Climatic Changes in Western India: Geoarchaeological Perspective - slides

sushamadep[at] @yahoo [dot] co [dot] in


 Pleistocene Climatic Changes in Western India - paper




M.B. Rajani  


 Satellite image and India’s past – slides



 Satellite Image and India’s past – paper




Vijay Sathe  


 Palaentology and Archaeology




R. Shankar  


 Magneto Archaeology

shankaros [at] yahoo [dot] com






Vasant Shinde  


 Ancient Architecture and Town Planning

vshinde [dot] dc [at] gmail [dot] com






Shreekant Jadhav 


 Ancient Cave Architects

shreekantjadhav [at] hotmail [dot] com






Srikumar Menon 


 The Megalith sites at Nilaskal and Byse       

srikumar.menon [at] gmail [dot] com


 Ancinet Astronomical Observations



Recent Survey of a Megalithic Stone Alignment at Byse - paper




Mayank Vahia  


 Evolution of the Harappan Civilisation

Vahia [at] tifr [dot] res [dot] in


 Origin and Growth of Astronomy in India



 Computer simulation in Ancient Indian Studies Paper



 Origin and growth of astronomy in Indian Context - paper




Dong Hoon Shin 


 Our experience of ancient DNA study in Korea

drdoogi [at] chol [dot] com






Adam Greens  



asg345 [at] nyu [dot] edu


 Digital Top Plans




Prakash Sinha  


 Flint knapping techniques and micro wear analysis




Nisha Yadav      


Statistical Studies of Indus Scripts

ynisha [at] tifr [dot] res [dot] in