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Some of our interesting results
Oldest Supernova and sky chart
Search for ancient SN records
Design of Nakshatras, calculations of Tithis
Stone carvings of Astronomical significance
Unusual location of planets
Saptarshi Calendar
Assimilation of data from different fields


Problems that interest us

Megalithic Observatories
Stone Carvings and drawings
Harappan Script
Temple Architecture
Evolution of cultures
Ancient Astronomical records

Drawing of the oldest Supernova around 5000BC

Learning about the ancients from their astronomy


More than 100,000 years ago, human beings first became aware of themselves and of their surroundings. They began to notice the ever-changing patterns of this world involving transformation from birth and growth to death. The heavens would have appeared as the most important agency that seemingly controlled this cycle by bringing light, warmth and water. Yet, beyond the clouds in the sky, there seemed to be a cycle of stars that was both, ever changing on daily basis and almost stable in the long term. Click here to read complete article

Possible population groups in the subcontinent ~ 2000 BC
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Prof. Mayank N. Vahia
Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai,India
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