List of papers and abstracts published till December 2011:

       Origin and growth of Astronomy in India


Astronomy and Sanskrit literature related:

       Astronomical Myths in India

       Gregorian and Julian dates

       Rohini Shakat Bheda

       Supernova records IJHS

       Saptarshi paper

       Tithi calculations


Harappan Civilisation related:

       Evolution of Harappan Civilisation

       Harappan Astronomy

       Harappan Weights

       Mathematics of Harappans

       Observatory at Dholavira

       Spatial evolution of Harappan Civilisation


Harappan Script related:

       Classification of patterns on Indus objects

       Harappan Geometry and Symmetry

       Indus Script Computational linguistics

       Indus Script PLoS

       Indus Script PNAS paper

       Indus Script Science paper

       Indus sign design

       IS Science Supplementary Material

       Network analysis of Indus script

       Segmentation of Indus text

       Statistical approach to Indus Script

       Sensitivity of Indus Script to Site and Type of Object


Prehistoric Astronomy related:

       Astronomical ideas of the Gonds

       Astronomical observatory at Byse

       Megalithic astronomy and remote sensing

       Megalithic astronomy in south India

       Megaliths in ancient India

       New sites at Bandipur Aaraga Gate

       Oldest Supernova record in Kashmir

       Possible records of comets in Kashmir

       Report on Stone circles in Junapani



       Early Astronomical sites in Kashmir

       Eclipses in Ancient India

       Impact material in JK

       Kepler SN in Kashmir

       Origin and growth of astronomy in India

       Possible period of the design of Nakshatras

       Prehistoric meteor shower record in Kashmir

       Population Dynamics of Early Human Migration in Britain

       Population Dynamics of Early Human Migration in Britain (a movie)

       Radiocarbon dating of charcoal samples from Rakhigarhi using AMS

       Astronomy of 3 Indian tribes_JAHH