How To enable File and Printer sharing using IPX/SPX protocol in windows XP.

Click on Start => settings => networkconnections.

Right click on Local Area connection and click on properties.

click on Install => protocol

Select NwLink IPX/SPX/NetBios compatiable Transport Protocol  and click on Ok.

Now click on Install => services

Select File and Printer sharing for Microsoft Networks and click Ok

click Ok to close Local Area Connection windows

Now in the Network connection window

Advanced =>Advanced settings


Select only Nwlink IPX/SPX/NetBios Compatiable protocol only.

and click ok to close this windows. Now every thing done.

Restart restart the computer.

Now open Windows explorer and select the Drive or Folder and right click on it.
click on sharing and give the share name according to your convenience.

Press Ok to close the window. That's all. It done.


While connecting the computer use \\computer_name\share_name Not the IP address. IP address  will not work in IPX/SPX. OR You should be able to see this computer in My Network Places From here you can access the files.

computer_name is name found by right click on my computer and click on properties. Here it is santosh.