Calendar of Events

Student Interns

Mitra Nandan

Project Description

This project involved customisation of the Indico (Calendar of Events) open source application to adapt to the TIFR website and deploy it as an integral part of the website. The calendar of events application is a single point solution for meetings, lectures, conferences, seminars and workshops management and can be used to browse the details about the events - present, past and future at TIFR and also enables TIFR staff to participate in events and publish TIFR events.

Skill Set

The main skill set required for this project included Cascaded Styling Sheets(CSS) and HTML. Some basic understanding of python was also a prerequisite.


DAVV University, Indore


Master of Science Communication


13 Feb 2009 to 12 June 2009


Kausalya Srinivas

Anilkumar Naik

Style Switcher

12 Predefined Color Skins Top Bar Color Layout Style Patterns for Boxed Version