VIS Optimisation and Data Graphing

Student Interns

Heena Lakhqani

Nazia Khan

Afrin Aga

Project Description

This project involved optimisation and data graphing of the existing Visitor Information System deployed at Security Gate. The system was intended to provide traceability of the visitors and visits to the institute and also to automate the workflow involved in processing day visits or short term visits.

Skill Set

The main skill set required for this project include Linux shell scripting, CSS, browser details, PHP scripting and MySQL and knowledge of Linux system functioning.

Team and Project Information

The project was divided into three separate modules each of which was handled by a team of 3 students.


MH Saboo Siddhik College of Engineering, Byculla(W)


Bachelor of Engineering(IT)


01 July 2013 to 30 April 2014


Kausalya Srinivas

Style Switcher

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