Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
13-17 February 2006, T.I.F.R. Mumbai, India

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International Conference on
Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
February 13 - February 17, 2006, TIFR, Mumbai, India
Bulletin # 2

Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics (CHEP) is a major series of international conferences for physicists and computing professionals from the High Energy and Nuclear Physics community, Computer Science and Information Technology.

The CHEP conference provides an international forum to exchange information on computing experience and needs for the community, and to review recent, ongoing, and future activities.

CHEP06 is organised by the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research (TIFR), Mumbai (India).

CHEP06 will be organised within the premises of TIFR, Mumbai (India). The dates have been fixed from Monday February 13, 2006 to Friday February 17, 2006.

Pre-registration has started and can be done either online or by downloading the pdf file from the registration page and sending the filled in form by fax to +91.22.2278.2345. On submission of the registration form, the participant will receive an email with the submitted details and activation URL. The participant should visit this URL to activate the account. Once activated, a second email will be sent along with a personal identifier and an initial password. The participant can subsequently log in to his/her personal area using this from the registration page and modify the personal details.

The conference fee for early registration (up to December 15, 2005) is US$ 300. Pre-registration is possible even after December 15, 2005 but then the conference fee will be US$ 350. Participants can pay the conference fees either through credit card or using a banker's cheque payable to CHEP06. The participant will receive a pdf file by email (or can be downloaded from the personal area). The bankers cheque should be sent along with the completed pdf file to the organisers at the postal address provided on the website. If credit card option is chosen, the participant should complete the form (sent as a pdf file) and send it either by fax to +91.22.2278.2345 or by email to

Registration will start on Sunday February 12, 2006 afternoon at 14:00 until 20:00. Registration will also be possible on Monday morning and each subsequent mornings for delegates who arrive later in the week.

There is an International Advisory Committee setting the overall themes of the conference, a Local Organising Committee responsible for the conference infrastructure. The Programme Committee is responsible for the content of the conference.

Arrangements have been made with some good hotels within a short distance from the conference venue. Some special rates have been negotiated for the conference delegates. There will be arrangements to transfer the delegates from the place of accommodation to TIFR and back. Booking of accommodation will be done by the organisers with the participants specifying their hotel choice and other details by filling a form online. A pdf file will be created on filling up the option for hotel and will be sent to the participant. Alternately participants can download the form from the web. The hotel needs credit card number for surety. The participant is required to fill in the credit card detail and should send it to the organisers either through fax at number +91.22.2278.2345 or by email to Please note that online request can be made by already registered participants after login.

There are a number of hotels of different categories each offering a limited number of beds. They will be given on first come first served basis. The current list of hotels are:

Name Category Location Contact No.
Taj Mahal 5* Deluxe 4 km from TIFR +91.22.5665.1000
Taj President 5* 2 km from TIFR +91.22.5665.0808
Marine Plaza 5* 6 km from TIFR +91.22.2285.1212
Fariyas 4* 3 km from TIFR +91.22.2204.2911
Gordon House 4* 4 km from TIFR +91.9820505247
Ambassador 4* 6 km from TIFR +91.22.2204.1131
Astoria 3* 6 km from TIFR +91.22.5654.1234
Godwin 3* 4 km from TIFR +91.22.2287.2050
Diplomat 3* 4 km from TIFR +91.22.2202.1661
Hiltop   13 km from TIFR +91.22.5650.2000
West End 4* 6 km from TIFR +91.22.2203.9121
Apollo 2* 4 km from TIFR +91.22.2287.3312
Ritz 4* 6 km from TIFR +91.22.2285.0500
Suba Palace   4 km from TIFR +91.22.2202.0636

Certain hotels provide room rents separately in US$ and Indian currencies (INR) while others provide only in INR and the exchange rate at that time will be applicable if paid in other currencies. Non Indian passport holders and non-resident Indians are required to settle their hotel bills in foreign currency only. The current exchange rate for US$ is approximately 44 INR for 1 US$. The approximate rate for the hotels in different room types are provided below. The rates shown for Apollo, Ritz and Suba Palace include all taxes.

Hotel Room Type Single Occupancy Double Occupancy
(in US$) (in INR) (in US$) (in INR)
Taj Mahal Superior City View 180 7000 200 8000
Superior Sea View 190 7500 210 8500
Deluxe City View 200 8000 220 9000
Luxury City View 265 10500 295 11500
Taj President Standard(Full) 130 5000 150 5500
Executive(Full) 150 6250 170 6750
Deluxe 175 7500 195 8000
Marine Plaza
(Fully Booked)
Deluxe Sea View 150 -- 160 --
Executive Suites --  -- 160 --
(Fully Booked)
Standard --  3500 --  3800
Deluxe --  4200 --  4500
Executive Club --  5000 --  5000
Gordon House
(Fully Booked)
Deluxe --  4000 --  4500
Ambassador Executive 105 --  108 -- 
(Fully Booked)
Deluxe --  3500 --  3500
(Fully Booked)
Standard --  2300 --  2600
(Fully Booked)
Standard --  1870 --  2280
Deluxe --  2175 --  2700
Hiltop Luxury --  3000 --  3500
West End Standard --  2400 --  2800
Apollo Standard --  --  --  2657
Ritz Standard --  4000 --  4600
Deluxe --  4600 --  5300
Suba Palace Standard --  --  --  2560

Pre-Conference Workshop
It is proposed to hold a 3-day workshop on service challenges for LHC experiments just preceding the CHEP06 conference. This will be organised in the same venue and will take place between Friday February 10, 2006 and Sunday February 12, 2006. Additional conference fee of US$ 50 will be applicable for participants to this workshop. More information on this topic is available here.

Conference Programme
The scientific programme of CHEP06 conference will consist of a plenary session of invited oral presentations, a number of parallel sessions comprising oral and poster presentations, and an industrial exhibition. Contributions will be solicited in the form of abstracts and the Programme Committee, with the help of the International Advisory Committee, will use these to finalise the programme.

The theme of the conference will focus on the processing of HEP data at all stages, from the high level triggers that run on farms of CPUs situated close to the experiment through to the final analysis that use resources distributed worldwide. We expect to draw on the experience from running experiments and also to review the status of new studies of the distributed computing models being made in preparation of the LHC experimental programme.

The list of topics to be covered is:

Online Computing:
CPU farms for high-level triggering; farm configuration and run control; describing and managing configuration data and conditions databases; online software frameworks and tools.

Event processing applications:
event simulation and reconstruction; physics analysis; event visualisation and data presentation; toolkits for simulation and analysis; event data models; detector geometry models; specialised algorithms for event processing.

Software Components and Libraries:
persistency; interactivity; foundation and utility libraries; mathematical libraries; component models; object dictionaries; scripting; graphics; use of 3rd party software components (open source and commercial).

Software Tools and Information Systems:
programming techniques and tools; software testing; configuration management; software build, release and distribution tools; quality assurance; documentation.

Computing Facilities and Networking:
global network status and outlook; advanced technologies and their use in applications; HENP networks and their relation to future grid systems; the digital divide and issues of access, readiness and cost; collaborative systems, progress in technologies and applications.

Grid middleware and e-Infrastructure operation:
integral systems (cpu/storage) and their operation and management; functionality and operation of regional centres; global usage and management of resources; grid infrastructure and its exploitation in distributed computing models.

Distributed Event production and processing:
the development of the distributed computing models of experiments; real experience in prototypes and production systems; emphasis on the early days of LHC running.

Distributed Data Analysis:
use of distributed computing for cpu-intensive analysis; access to very large distributed data-base over wide area network; low-latency interactive analysis over wide area network; collaborative tools for supporting distributed analysis; remote access to and control of data acquisition systems and experiment facilities.

Participants are requested to submit abstracts for contributions to the conference through the website. Deadline for abstract submission is October 31, 2005. The programme for the plenary session is being finalised and will be put up on the web soon.

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