Computing in High Energy and Nuclear Physics
13-17 February 2006, T.I.F.R. Mumbai, India

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Registration can be done by filling in the form either obtained Online or download from here. Once the Online form is filled in and submitted, an acknowledgement will be sent.

The conference fee for early registration (up to December 15, 2005) is US$ 300. Pre-registration is possible even after December 15, 2005 but then the conference fee will be US$ 350. The registration fees for the 3-day workshop on LCG Computing Service Challenge is US$ 50. The fees for the School@chep06 will be 1000 Indian Rupees.

Registered participant will receive a pdf file with registration details. If payment of conference fees is through money transfer, details of money transfer procedure will be sent in pdf format (It can be downloaded from here also). If payment of conference fees is through credit card, the appropriate fields in the file should be filled in and sent back either through fax to +91.22.2278.2345 (Standard Resolution Only) or by email to If payment is through bankers cheque, the filled in form should be sent back by post along with the bankers cheque. If the downloaded form is used, please fill in the form carefully and send the completed form using either of the methods mentioned above. For money transfer option, please type Money Transfer in front of Mode of Payment.

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