Magnetic properties of RMg3 single crystals

CaFe2As2 Single Crystals

We have grown the single crystals of CeMg3, NdMg3 and its non-magnetic analogue LaMg3, which crystallize in the cubic crystal structure with the space group Fm-3m, and studied their magnetic properties on well oriented single crystals by measuring the magnetic susceptibility, magnetization and heat capacity. CeMg3 orders antiferromagnetically with a Neel temperature T_N of 2.6 K, while NdMg3 exhibit two magnetic orderings at 6.6 K and at 2.8 K. For CeMg3 the specific heat capacity at low temperature exhibits an enhanced Sommerfeld coefficient of 370 mJ/K^2 mol indicating the heavy fermion nature of CeMg_3. An estimation of Kondo temperature T_K was made and found that it is of similar magnitude as that of T_N. The reduced value of the magnetization below the ordering temperature, together with the reduced entropy at the magnetic ordering temperature and the enhanced low temperature heat capacity indicates that Kondo effect plays a significant role in this compound. We have performed the crystalline electric field (CEF) analysis on the magnetic susceptibility and the heat capacity data and found that the ground state is a Gamma_7 doublet with an overall splitting of 191 K.


Further details can be found here: CeMg3_arXive