Chemistry Subject Board


Tata Institute of Fundamental Research

The Chemistry Subject Board of the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research is responsible for the Graduate Programme in Chemistry.

The Chemistry Subject Board has formulated the rules and procedures for students interested in registering for Ph.D. degree in Chemistry from TIFR. All graduate students in the Department of Chemical Sciences as well as the students from other Departments of the Institute, who wish to register in Chemistry would be governed by the rules and procedures as decided by the Chemistry Subject Board.

The members of the Chemistry Subject Board are:

      Tel. No. Office
Convenor & Course Coordinator : Prof. Ranjan Das 2278 2258 B123
Admissions Coordinator : Prof. Deepa Khushalani 2278 2476 D305
    Prof. S. Mazumdar 22782363 B125
    Prof. H.M. Sonawat 22782394 D220
    Prof. Sudipta Maiti 2278 2716 D304
    Dr. A.S. Rama Koti 2278 2790 D305
SB Physics Representative : Dr.Pratap Raychaudhuri 2278 2201 C-342


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