Department of Biological Sciences, TIFR - Mumbai

DBS-TIFR interviews for the GS-2017 MSc/IntPhD/PhD program

List of Students Selected for PhD Interviews

List of Students Selected for MSc/Int.PhD Interviews


  NEW:  This year the format will include a one-on-one interaction with up to three faculty members that the student is interested in joining.  It is therefore important that applicants look at the websites of the open labs prior to coming for the interviews.

  NEW:  Candidates who already have their qualifying degree for the PhD program (MSc/BTech/any 4 year professional degree) at the time of the interviews, and who are very sure of their choice of lab, MAY be permitted to join the lab as early as April 1st, subject to their clearing all the rounds of the interview and acceptance by the relevant faculty member.  The lab rotations will be waived for these candidates.


1) Labs that are open for MSc admissions in GS-2017 are:

Dasgupta, Kolthur, Koushika, Mallik, Mishra, Nair, Narasimha, Rao, Ray, Sonawane, Tole, Vaidya

Labs that are open for PhD/IntPhD admissions in GS-2017 are:

Dasgupta, Kolthur, Koushika, Mallik, Mishra, Nair, Tole



There is a single interview for the MSc and IntPhD programs. Please look at the FAQs on our website (M.Sc. and Int. Ph.D.) and note that these two programmes have different goals. Candidates may be considered for both and yet have a preference for one programme. During the first interview, you will be asked to choose which of the following five options applies to you:

MSc only/ MSc preferred/ both equal/ IntPhD preferred/ IntPhD only

In particular, we would like to know if you are clearly only interested in one or the other program, and why, and will ask you this in your interview.  Note that the MSc program does NOT include housing (but includes a stipend of Rs. 15,600 per month intended to help with housing costs and other expenses).  The IntPhD program includes housing in the TIFR student accommodation and standard stipends.  There are other differences in the two programs so please read the websites.

MSc students are offered admission to a particular lab based on their interests as stated during the interviews and an assessment of their performance.  The MSc program begins Monday July 3rd.


PhD and IntPhD students will join the program in late July, and will be assigned to a lab after a series of lab rotations.  PhD students who have already completed their MSc degree at the time of their interviews may join a lab in April itself if they clear all the stages of the selection process (see NEW note at the top of this page).



MSc/IntPhD interviews will take place over 5 days from Sunday 19th March to Thursday 23rd March (both inclusive).

PhD interviews will take place over 5 days from Sunday 26th March to Thursday 30th March (both inclusive).

The interview format will require that students arrive in Mumbai no later than Sunday morning (Day 0; reporting time at TIFR is 1:15 pm), and plan their departure from TIFR on Thursday (Day 4) after 6pm in the evening.  There can be no change in dates/times of the interview. Candidates attending the interviews are expected to make their own arrangements for stay in Mumbai. TIFR cannot provide accommodation for candidates/accompanying persons at the time of the interview. Please do not contact us with requests for accommodation or date change.



Sunday (Day 0):  Lab visits

 Introduction to the research of all the open labs, and lab visits to any 4 labs of your interest (please read the website and come prepared with your choices; you will be given an opportunity to change your choices after the intro talks).

Important:  Please do not carry heavy backpacks or documents, you will be on your feet visiting labs and there is no place to store your backpacks.  You will ONLY need a snack and your call letter plus ID card to enter TIFR.  Water/tea/biscuits will be provided during the course of the afternoon.

Monday and Tuesday morning (Days 1 and 2):  First round of interviews.

Candidates will be interviewed by parallel committees.  At the end of your 1st interview you will be asked for a new list of up to 3 labs that you are interested in working in (from the list of open labs).  This list can be different from the labs you visited on Day 0.  For MSc students it is particularly important that you list your choices carefully since selected students will be directly assigned to a specific lab based on the choices they declare.

On Tuesday (Day 2) evening, a notice will be posted on our website and notice boards regarding students who have been shortlisted for the second round.  IF YOU ARE NOT SHORTLISTED FOR THE SECOND ROUND, YOU DO NOT NEED TO STAY FOR THE REST OF THE INTERVIEWS, YOU MAY LEAVE.

Tuesday (afternoon) and Wednesday (Day 3):  2nd round of interviews.

From Wednesday (Day 3) morning, candidates will be interviewed by parallel committees.  At the end of your 2nd interview, you will again be asked which 3 labs you are interested in joining (from the list of open labs).    On late evening of Day 3, a notice will be posted on our website and notice boards regarding students who have been shortlisted for the final round of individual meetings.  IF YOU ARE NOT SHORTLISTED FOR THE INDIVIDUAL MEETINGS ROUND, YOU DO NOT NEED TO STAY FOR THE LAST DAY, YOU MAY LEAVE.

Thursday (Day 4):  1-on-1 meetings with faculty.

Shortlisted students will meet with up to 3 faculty members whom they have identified during their 2nd interview.  These meetings will take place in the respective labs in DBS.  Applicants will discuss their interests, possible projects, meet the lab members, see specimens, ask about techniques- whatever suits the applicant and the faculty member.




You will get your admission offer by phonecall within a couple of weeks of the interviews (for MSc) and by the end of April (for PhD/IntPhD).  The phonecall will be followed by an email.  It is important that you give us ALL RELEVANT contact numbers/email addresses and write clearly on the cover sheet you are given before your 1st interview. 


6) IMPORTANT NOTE FOR PARENTS:  Candidates should note that we do not allow parents/accompanying persons entry into TIFR for security reasons. You will also not be allowed to bring in suitcases or other baggage into TIFR. TIFR is adjacent to a high security Naval base. Accompanying persons are therefore requested to spend their day away from the TIFR campus, and return to TIFR at 6 PM on the day of the interview.