Lab in news

  1. Sandhya Koushika: Building new models and communities: JCB, Caitlin Sedwick, April 2013
  2. Better Thank a Straitjacket: Howard Hughes Medical Institute (HHMI) HHMI Bulletin, 2012
  3. Creating a passion for learning in children – Parent Edge, 2012
  4. Organisms, objects & ocean are their work- Inidan Express, 2012
  5. You haven't got mail, Feature, Nature India, 2012
  6. Traffic study but in brain- Award for biologist who sees street & cell similarities, The Telegraph, 2012
  7. DNA designs for biology, Science news, NatureIndia, 2011
  8. Why neurons are like Indian roads- Indian Express, 2011
  9. Molecular Motors Conference: Preview, NCBS news, 2010
  10. Removing Barriers in Indian Biosciences, News, Nature India, 2010
  11. Takes two to tango: Lessons in interdisciplinary scientific meetings, Feature. Nature India, 2010
  12. Life sciences in India: looking back, looking forward, looking great, Commentary, Nature India, 2009
  13. HUGO: Of models and humans, Science News, Nature India, 2008
  14. Use and Kill, T.V. Jayan Reports

Awards and Honors

  1. Best Poster award bagged by Anusheela Chatterjee at ‘International Symposium - Computational and Experimental Studies of Microtubule and Microtubule based Motor Proteins’, Mumbai, India, December 14, 2016.

  2. Parul Sood, Madhushree Kamak and Sucheta Kulkarni got selected to give oral presentation of their work on First C. elegans Meeting, 2016.

  3. Amruta Vasudevan and Neena Ratnakaran's poster got honorary mention at First Indian C. elegans Meeting, 2016.

  4. International early career scientist grant to Sandhya P. Koushika with the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, 2012.

Conferences organized

  1. First Indian C. elegans meeting and workshop in Lonavala, Mumbai, 2016

Outreach activity

  1. Chai and Why? "Running through traffic jams in the brain"