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She is Lakshmi without an X


 “The experiments will be done after Hari starts breeding”


 “History is silent on such matters”


“We took the brains from Shobhona Sharma’s lab..”


“I have to re-do again”


“Hey, I have forwarded you his proposal”


“Hari, your brains are thawing!”


 “Take your dainty thing off the water bath”


 “Intimidation is the best form of flattery”


 “I imagined I was Ryan and put my Zip in his drawer”

“I have 4 pups!  I have 4 pups!” 

“I have nine heads!”

...”That’s one short of Raavan”

(Raavan = 10 headed demon king in Hindu mythology.


“Hi, you’re Malini, right?”

“ You can call me Malini, but my name is Lakshmi”


“He killed a fly with my notepad! Waaa!!”

              Dida to the fly” “Chol ra ae OOOOOOOOooooo!!!”

                                        “Shubha! I did that neuron!”

    “Dida has no plugs; what is the status of your plugs??”

A usual day in the lab (spectator-Shubha’s travel agent waiting for payment). Ashwin hurriedly walks into the lab announcing “ Dida 4 female pregnant hai, 2 maine use kiya 2 tere liye rakha hai” Spectator expresses desire to leave without payment!!!!

“Don’t you have work today?? ... “ I am waiting for my brains to sink!!”

“Shubha my brain does not have electroporation:( but Kranti’s brain has.”

“Have you cut your brain or Kranti’s brain??”

“No No.. I have cut Kranti’s brain, not mine!!!” 

“I look like a fool in this dance.” (... Nooo, you look like one since the day you were born!!)

          “Yes Shubha, I have increased my mating!!!

          Tailpiece:  “Poonchdi se DNA nikaalna hai”