Last Updated: September, 2016



Vidita Vaidya received her undergraduate degree from St. Xavier's College, Mumbai in Life-Science and Biochemistry. She obtained her doctoral degree in Neuroscience at Yale University in the lab of Dr. Ronald Duman. Her postdoctoral work was done at the Karolinska Institute in Sweden with Dr. Ernest Arenas and at the University of Oxford in UK with Dr. David Grahame-Smith. She joined the Dept of Biological Sciences, TIFR in March, 2000. She has been a Wellcome Trust Overseas Senior Research Fellow (2003 - 2009). She received the National Bioscientist Award in 2012 and the Shanti Swarup Bhatnagar Award in Medical Sciences in 2015. When not in the lab, Vidita moonlights as an avid story-teller, frequent traveller, occasional salsa dancer and a scientific outreach enthusiast.