Tata Institute of Fundamental Research


M.Sc. Timeline


July M.Sc. students join and lab assignments


1 March Register for M.Sc.


1 March Synopsis submission deadline
1 April Thesis submission deadline
2nd week July Thesis seminar and viva


1. In order to be eligible to register for the M.Sc. degree, students must show satisfactory performance in coursework and research in their first year. Extension beyond the first year is determined using these criteria at a DBS faculty meeting. If a student fails in two or more courses the student has to leave the program. Failure in one course requires that the student repeat the course the following year, but is on probation and will have to leave the program of s/he is unable to pass it.

2. Registration requires that the student pass 12 credits of coursework and get departmental approval for registration (this is done at a DBS faculty meeting in May at the end of the student's first year). Therefore students who pass their first year courses and get Departmental approval can register immediately on beginning their second year. Students who need to repeat a course should register immediately after passing it.

3. The synopsis should be no more than 500 words. Its purpose is to allow prospective examiners to decide whether they are willing to serve as external examiners for your thesis. You should state the goal, the methods used, summarize the results and have a few concluding lines. The synopsis can be submitted prior to the deadline of 1 March of third year, but not after it. Likewise, the thesis too can be submitted prior to the 1 April deadline but not after it.

Degree Requirements

1. A total of 12 credits of Coursework. Courses that are offered each year are basic courses that would be useful to you immediately, and are mandatory. These 12 credits complete your coursework requirements and your performance is factored into your eventual degree (class/distinction). An M.Sc. student may attend advanced courses with their adviser's explicit permission (an email from the adviser to the course instructor is necessary). The students' performance on any advanced course the student takes will also be recorded in the transcript, but will not be factored into the "class" rating (see point 3 below).

2. A research project leading to a Master's Thesis. The thesis will be evaluated by the University and will accrue 20 credits.

3. The Degree will be rated with a class (Distinction/First/Second) by taking a weighted average of the following evaluations:

12 Credits: Coursework (basic courses only)
12 Credits: 1st year research work
12 Credits: 2nd year research work
20 Credits: Thesis and Thesis seminar performance

The above grades, expressed as percentage marks, will appear on the transcript. A weighted average greater than 80% will be awarded a "Distinction".