Tata Institute of Fundamental Research


Ph.D. Regulations


1. Ph.D. and Int. Ph.D. students may seek registration after they have fulfilled their credit requirement (20 for Ph.D., 31 for Int. Ph.D.) and cleared their Comprehensive examination. A minimum residence period of two years after registration will be required for award of the Ph.D. or Int. Ph.D. degree.

2. It is the responsibility of the student to check that the DBS Office has a record of your course grades before you begin the registration procedure.

3. IMPORTANT: when you have registered, provide DBS office a copy of the document that states your date of registration.

Submission of Synopsis/Thesis

4. Int. Ph.D. and Ph.D. Synopses or Theses should be submitted as THREE hard copies and one soft-copy (CD/DVD). M.Sc. Synopses/Theses are required as TWO hard copies and one soft-copy (CD/DVD).

5. The soft-copy should be IDENTICAL to the printout. It is recommended to burn the CD/DVD first and print out from this.

6. Advisor should ascertain that the student has met all the requirements for the Ph.D. or Int. Ph.D. degree. Then the Advisor should list names of 4 potential external examiners and give the materials to Convener, Biology Subject Board. The convener is Prof. M.K. Mathew (NCBS), and Prof. B.J. Rao is Subject Board representative in DBS-TIFR, Mumbai who will handle matters on Prof. Mathew's behalf.

7. The Subject board will ensure that the student has completed the coursework before forwarding the synopsis. The Synopsis will be considered by the Subject Board and will be forwarded, together with selected names of examiner(s), to the University Cell.

8. The student should pay Synopsis fees to the Cashier and give the University Cell the receipt. When 3 and 4 happen, the Synopsis has been "accepted."

9. Thesis submission: There is no minimum time between synopsis submission and thesis submission. In principle this can happen on the same day. Thesis should be submitted WITHIN 6 MONTHS from the synopsis "acceptance" date.

10. In order to schedule the Thesis defense in July, it is ESSENTIAL that the students submit their Thesis by 1st May. This is particularly important for M.Sc. students whose appointment ends by June 30th of their 3rd year.