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Jul 18, 2012:
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We are celebrating the completion of 50 years of Biology at TIFR. The Molecular Biology Unit (currently DBS: Department of Biological Sciences) was initiated at the Tata Institute of Fundamental Research in 1962, through the appointment of Obaid Siddiqi. Ever since, this group has pioneered in the training of several modern biologists, who have spread all over India and the world as leaders in their respective fields, continuing the tradition of excellent training and research in basic and applied sciences.

We want this event to be an enriching experience for the past and present members of the department, in addition to having a ‘reunion’ of sorts. We shall be celebrating with certain number of invited talks, discussion sessions and finally getting together to reminisce. Held as part of our Annual Talks, the event will also involve talks and posters from the current members of the department. The events will be held from 7th to 10th August 2012. A special commemorative session will be held for Veronica Rodrigues on 8th August. Unfortunately, due to Janmashtami celebrations in Mumbai on 10th August, we are unable to organize the alumni dinner on that evening, but will have it instead on 9th August 2012. Please note the changed new schedule.

We look forward to your participation at DBS@50 with great anticipation to this exciting reunion meeting.