35th Mahabaleshwar Seminar on 'Evolution of molecular function and principles of protein design'
21-26 February, 2010
Mahabaleshwar, Maharashtra


Teachers & Topics

1.  Natural selection  and the evolution of significant form

1.  Protein structure and the rules of physics and chemistry that nature uses to govern protein structure and folds.

2.  What nature has been able to achieve: the amazing and bizarre functions that proteins have evolved to perform.

1.  Protein sequences and evolutionary relationships

2.  Protein structures and evolutionary relationships

3.  Practical demonstration on the statistical analysis of protein sequence alignments

1.  Evolution of protein stability.

2.  Directed evolution of proteins.

1.  Evolution of protein folding mechanisms

1.  Protein evolution by computer simulation: studies that explore the constraints imposed on evolution by the need to have proteins that fold    efficiently to functional, stable structures. 

2.  Evolution of structural motifs in proteins.

1.  Foldable sequences, folding funnels and protein evolution (I)

2.  Foldable sequences, folding funnels and protein evolution (II)

1.  Protein expression

2.  Protein mutation and selection

1.  Protein crystallization and visualization

2.  Evolution of protein mimicry

1.  Evolution of protein-protein interfaces and the interactions that define them.

2.  Evolution of cooperativity in protein function

1.  Evolution of protein interaction networks (I)

2.  Evolution of protein interaction networks (II)

1.  Coevolution of proteins and their interacting partners.

2.  Evolution of biological pathways.

1.  Engineering structure into peptides

2.  Engineering function into peptides

1.  Engineering stability and function into proteins

2.  Protein Design

1.  Role of chaperones in protein evolution 

2.  Evolution of  aggregation resistance, and the evolution of prions

1.  Proteins with unusual mechanical properties

2.  Evolution of biomechanical function in proteins

 1.  Structure and evolution of silk proteins

 2.  Expression of silk proteins