Mahabaleshwar Seminars in Modern Biology

A topic based seminar series organized by the Department of Biological Sciences, TIFR, Mumbai


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Past Seminars:

I. Genetics and Evolution (1975)

II. Current Ideas in Developmental Biology (1976)

III. Sensory Mechanisms (1977)

IV. Structure and Interactions of Nucleic Acids and Proteins (1978)

V. Evolution of Social Behaviours (1979)

VI. Genetic Regulation - Recent result (1980)

VII. Membrane Biology: Recent Progress (1981)

VIII. Plant Sciences - Recent Progress (1982)

IX. Basic Immunology (1983)

X. Theories in Biology (1984)

XI. Transposable Genetic Elements (1985)

XII. Molecular Enzymology: Recent Developments (1986)

XIII. Molecular Evolution (1987)

XIV. Biotechnology: Recent Trends (1988)

XV. Genetic Recombination (1989)

XVI. Patterning in Biology (1990)

XVII. Molecular Biology of Infectious Diseases (1991)

XVIII. Restriction and Modification of DNA (1992)

XIX. Biology of Plant Viruses (1993)

XX. Plant Reproduction (1994)

XXI. Nucleic acids-Protein Interaction (1995)

XXII. Protein Folding and Design (1996)

XXIII. Regulation of Gene Expression (1997)

XXIV. Neurosciences (1998)

XXV. Functional Genomics and Plant Biotechnology (1999)

XXVI. Host-Pathogen Interaction (2000)

XXVII. Human Genome: Organization, Function & Diversity (2001)

XXVIII. Cellular Traffic (2002)

XXIX. Single Molecule Biophysics (2003)

XXX. Evolution of Developmental Mechanisms (2004)

XXXI. From Molecules to Networks & Behavior (2005)

XXXII. Parasite Immunology & Immunogenetics (2006)

XXXIII. Laws of Intracellular Transport: Motors, Tracks and Traffic Jams (2007)

XXXIV. Mechanosignalling in Cell & Developmental Biology (2008)

XXXV. Evolution of molecular function and principles of protein design (2009)