Young Explorers in Indian Biology (YEIB)

Homi Bhabha Centenary Commemorations 2008-2010


YEIB is part of Homi Bhabha Centenary Commemorations at TIFR Mumbai. It is a fresh initiative that brings together young new Indian investigators in Biology (recruited since 2006). Besides bringing the young investigators on to one podium, the two-day meeting aims to highlight exciting areas of research that such minds are about to embark on in India. This meeting also intends to present a platform for opening channels/opportunities for collaborative efforts and establish long-term scientific exchanges in an open, friendly atmosphere, a spirit and style that Homi Bhabha fondly propagated at TIFR, Colaba campus. This concept is in line with Bhabha's holistic vision to encourage research and collaborations in new areas in the country.


Himanshu Sinha, TIFR Mumbai

Mahendra Sonawane, TIFR Mumbai

Ullas Kolthur, TIFR Mumbai

organizing committee


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