Department of Chemical Sciences
School of Natural Sciences

TIFR Annual Chemistry Conference (TACC-2019)

The Department of Chemical Sciences (DCS) recently hosted the "TIFR-wide Annual Chemistry Conference (TACC 2019)" at TIFR Mumbai during October 16-18, 2019. Please click on the image or link below to download the full program schedule. Photos of the event can be found here.

The TACC initiative was conceived as an annual TIFR wide activity where faculty colleagues and their students working on chemical problems across TIFR Centers engage in discussions and research presentations. The first edition of the meeting was held last year at the TIFR-Hyderabad campus. TACC-2019 was held in Mumbai at the Colaba campus as a full 3-day event. You can find photos of the event here.

Faculty members from the department presented snippets of their research in short talks during Oct 16-18. A special talk on P. C. Ray was given by Prof. V. Chandrasekhar on October 17th. 

Two invited guest speakers, Prof. David Beratan (Duke University, Durham, NC, USA) and  Prof. Steven G. Boxer (Stanford University, Stanford, CA, USA)  presented institute-wide colloquiua on October 16th and 18th respectively. To learn more about the research background of these speakers, click on their names.  

Students, visiting fellows, and scientific staff presented posters on the 16th and 17th.  You can find the poster booklet containing the poster presentation schedule and graphical abstracts here.  The winners of the best poster awards were: Simli Dey, Ravinder Kumar, and Pallavi Thakur.

The student organized Chem-Quiz competition returned with a bang on October 17th (Organizers: Shubhangi, Rishi, Pulkit, Rohit, Smitaroopa, Aditya, and Dipin). The Chem-Quiz Winners were Team B (Raghu Ramakrishnan, Kunika Gupta, Mitradip Das, and Saideep). 

Graduate students (Ayan, Vicky, and Ankur) presented two engaging talks (Music and Chemistry & Chemistry of/for/in space) on October 18th  

Please click here for the full program schedule and here for photos of the event. In case of questions or to provide feedback please email:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.