Weekly Seminar


Date Speaker Title
30.03.2009 Arun Kumar Nayak Cross section measurement of pp -> Z+bb, Z->ll process at CMS
06.04.2009 Sunanda Banerjee(Fermilab) Hadronic Physics in Geant4: How good it is?
08.04.2009 Sunanda Banerjee(Fermilab) Calorimeter Simulation Task Force in CMS
08.06.2009 Man Mohan Das Experimental measurements of a new asymmetry at Belle
13.07.2009 A.K.Nayak(Synopsis Seminar) Measurement of production cross section of Z boson with associated...
14.07.2009 Vandna Gokhroo A few atom trap of cold K39 and K40 atoms
16.07.2009 S. Bose(Synopsis Seminar) QCD studies at CMS
20.07.2009 Aditya Gilra Observing Correlations and Spin-Statistics Connection in Two Ultra-Cold atoms
27.07.2009 Anirban Saha Muon charge asymmetry in inclusive pp -> W(mu nu) + X production at sqrt{s} = 10 TeV
03.08.2009 Tarok N. Thakore Atmospheric neutrino simulations for INO
10.08.2009 Gagan Mohanty Higgs at BaBar
24.08.2009 Nikhil J. Joshi Accessing CP violation via B to Ds*h decays at Belle
31.08.2009 Devdatta Mazumdar A study of W+photon events at the LHC
15.10.2009 Alan Bross(Fermilab) Muon Collider at Fermilab
28.10.2009 Harrison Prosper(Florida Stat Univ) The end of the world: Fizzle, Crunch, Rip?
09.11.2009 Claude Amsler(Univ. of Zurich) Ar-DM, a large argon detector for dark matter searches
07.12.2009 G. Rajalakshmi Experimental Studies of Fundamental Interactions at low energy
14.12.2009 Sarah Eno Jet and photon production at Tevatron
15.12.2009 Sarah Eno W and Z production at Tevatron
16.12.2009 Sarah Eno Top production and Search for the Higgs