Weekly Seminar


Date Speaker Title
13.01.2010 Sunanda Banerjee Single particle response in CMS calorimeter
20.01.2010 Sandip Bhowmik Characteristics of SiPM and scintillator detector with this device
15.02.2010 Kajari Mazumdar First CMS publication with LHC commision data of 2009
02.03.2010 Peter Elmer Optimisation of CMS software
03.03.2010 Alexander Pukhov Generic Properties of a Dark Matter candidate and its detection
08.03.2010 B. Satyanarayana A summary of RPC2010
19.04.2010 Richard Britto Observations with the High Altitute GAmma-Ray (HAGAR) telescope array in the Indian Himalayas
07.06.2010 Amitava Datta The interplay between the Higgs and squark-gluino events at LHC
22.06.2010 Abinash Das (Synopsis Seminar) Study of B0 -> Ds+pi- and B0bar->Ds+K- decays at Belle
19.07.2010 Vipin Gaur Study of the Rare Decay B0 --> K+ K- pi0
09.08.2010 Gagan B. Mohanty Introduction to Belle experiment (Introduction talk)
09.08.2010 Sudeshna Banerjee D0 Experiment- Tevatron Collider at Fermi National Accelerator Laboratory (Introduction talk)
09.08.2010 Gobinda Majumdar The Physics and experiment with the CMS detector at LHC (Introduction talk)
13.09.2010 Prafulla Behera Commissioning of ATLAS PIXEL detector
16.09.2010 Prafulla Behera Underlying event studies at ATLAS
12.10.2010 Sunil Bansal Measurement of underlying Events at ATLAS
15.10.2010 Firoz K.A. The relationship between GLEs and Solar flares
18.10.2010 Yoshitaka Kuno Search for Charged Lepton Flavor Violation with Muons at J-PARC.A
22.11.2010 Ajay Srivastava Development of radiation hard silicon detectors for SLHC experiment and European XFEL (talk)
23.11.2010 Satyajit Behari Recent B-physics Results and Longevity studies of the Silicon Detectors from the CDF experiment (talk)
29.11.2010 Vicky Trevor The ATLAS experiment and the Quest for Physics Beyond the Standard model (talk)
10.12.2010 Franco Simonetto Low mass resonance in muon channel with CMS detector (talk)
21.12.2010 Adish Vartak New Modes for Higgs Search At CMS (talk)