Weekly Seminar


Date Speaker Title
08.12.2011 Dr. Nitesh Soni (University of Alberta, Canada) Quest for the New Pysics at ATLAS(Abstract)(pdf)
01.10.2011 Gobinda Majumder, TIFR Physics Results from the CMS experiment(pdf)
11.08.2011 Kajari Mazumdar (Departmental Introduction, 2011) LHC, CMS and DHEP(Presentation)
09.08.2011 Dr. Aruna Nayak, Laboratorio de Instrumentacao e Fisica Experimental de Particulas, Lisboa, Portugal Search for charged Higgs boson with the CMS detector at the LHC (Abstract) (Presentation)
18.07.2011 Dr. Mani Tripathi, University of California, Davis, USA The Quest for Direct Detection of Dark Matter Interactions(Abstract)
07.03.2011 Devdatta Mazudmar (thesis seminar) Study of Inclusive W-gamma events in proton-proton collision at the LHC at the centre of mass energy 7 TeV with CMS detector.