Weekly Seminar


Date Speaker Title
29.11.2012 Dr. HalasyaSiva Subramania (University of Alberta, Canada) Searching TeV-scale gravity at the Large Hadron Collider(Abstract)
08.10.2012 Mr. N. K. Nisar (AMU) Search for CP violation in the decay D0 --> π0π0 (Abstract)
26.09.2012 Mr. Saurabh Sandilya Exclusive search for ηb(1S,2S) in radiative γ(2S) decays at Belle(Abstract)
24.09.2012 Mr. Rajdeep Mohan Chatterjee Measurement of Jet Energy scale using the CMS detector in p-p collisions at sqrt(s)=8TeV.(Abstract)(pdf)
04.09.2012 Dr. Aruna Nayak (Laboratorio de Instrumentacao e Fisica Experemental de Particulas, Lisboa, Portugal) Search for the Higgs boson at CMS in final states containing a tau lepton.(Abstract)
20.07.2012 Dr. Arnab Pal(University of Texas, Arlington) Diffractive physics at Tevatron and LHC.(Abstract)
16.07.2012 Prof. Gobinda Majumder(TIFR) Summary of the International Conference on High Energy Physics,(ICHEP) 2012 (Melbourne, Australia).
07.05.2012 Kolahal Bhattacharya(TIFR) A Kalman Filter based Algorithm for the Improvement of Muon Track Fitting in ICAL Experiment at INO (Abstract)
30.04.2012 Dr. K. E. Raghavan Progress towards realization of few atom trap for potassium isotopes (Abstract)
16.04.2012 Dipan Sengupta(TIFR) The Phenomenology Of Supersymmetry Searches at LHC (Abstract)
16.04.2012 Dipankar Nath(TIFR) Progress towards a magnetic trap of Potassium isotopes (Abstract)
11.04.2012 Dr. Gagan Mohanty(TIFR) Summary of Moriond Electroweak 2012 (Abstract)
10.04.2012 Dr. Md. Nayimuddin Discovering New Physics at hadron colliders while playing MUSIC with MISS (Abst)  (pdf)
19.03.2012 Dr. B. Satyanarayana(TIFR) A Summary of RPC2012 (Abstract)
05.03.2012 Rajdeep Mohan Chatterjee(TIFR) A search for Supersymmetry (SUSY) using event shape variables using the CMS detector at 7 TeV center of mass energy.(Abstract)(pdf)
27.02.2012 Sanmay Ganguly(TIFR) Inclusive Jet Cross Section Measurement at CMS(Abstract)
13.02.2012 Sanjeev Kumar(TIFR) Study of "invisible" decay of Higgs boson at LHC(Abstract)
02.01.2012 Dr. Gagan Mohanty(TIFR) A Beautiful Story from Japan(Abstract)
23.01.2012 Saranya Ghosh(TIFR) Measurement of charge asymmetry in W production at the CMS detector(Abstract)
16.01.2012 Dr. Prolay K. Mal(CEA-Saclay, France) Charged Higgs boson searches in ATLAS (Abst)  (pdf)