Weekly Seminar


Date Speaker Title
05.12.2013 Prof. Henry Tsz-king Wong (Academia Sinica, Taiwan) Low Energy Neutrino and Dark Matter Physics with the TEXONO Collaboration
21.10.2013 Prof. Gobinda Majumder Should we take all HEP experimental data at face value? (Abstract)
08.10.2013 Dr. T. R. Saravanan (University of Pisa, Italy) Ground Prototype of a Rotating Differential Accelerometer for Testing the Equivalence Principle in Space (Abstract)
19.09.2013 Dr. Kiran Kumar (University of Zurich) GERDA: Recent Results; My contribution to research so far (Abstract)
26.08.2013 Vipin Gaur(AMU) Evidence for the suppressed decay B0 -> K+ K- Π0 (doc)
29.07.2013 Gagan Monahty (TIFR) Lepton Photon Interaction at High Energies, 2013 (pptx)
03.06.2013 Dipankar Nath(TIFR) New schemes for the laser-cooling of neutral atoms (Abstract)
31.05.2013 Gouranga Kole(TIFR) Search for a low-mass charged Higgs boson with t-tbar events at CMS Detector (Abstract)
30.05.2013 Saurabh Sandilya (TIFR) Bottomonium Spectroscopy at Belle (Abstract)
27.05.2013 Ramkrishana Dewanjee (TIFR) Search for the MSSM Higgs Boson in its decay to hadronic Taus (Abstract)
23.05.2013 Rajdeep Mohan Chatterjee (TIFR) Large Measurment of jet energy scale and constraining the gluon pdf using Z+jets events at 8 TeV using the CMS detector (Abstract)
21.05.2013 Esha Kundu (TIFR) Monte Carlo Simulation of HAGAR Telescope Systems (Abstract)
20.05.2013 Dr. Debanjan Bose (Saha Institute, Kolkata) Search for Cosmic Point Sources and Transient Events with IceCube (Abstract)
17.05.2013 Dr. Subhendu Chakrabarti (State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA) A study of the tau id and selection algorithm improvements at Dzero (Abstract)
16.05.2013 Saranya Ghosh (TIFR) Measurement of the Muon Charge Asymmetry in Inclusive pp --> W(-->mu nu) + X Production at sqrt{s} = 7 TeV (Abstract)
15.05.2013 Dr. Subhendu Chakrabarti (State University of New York, Stony Brook, USA) Search for the SM Higgs boson in tau final states using Dzero data (Abstract)
13.05.2013 Dipan Sengupta(TIFR) Probing the flavor violating stop decay at the LHC. (Abstract)
10.05.2013 Prof. Amitava Datta(IISER, Kolkata) Neutralino dark matter confronted by the LHC constraints on Electroweak SUSY signals (Abstract)
06.05.2013 Kolahal Bhattacharya (TIFR) Muon Track Following Strategy for ICAL@INO Experiment (Abstract)
29.04.2013 Atreyee Sinha (TIFR) Multi-waveband study of the blazar BL Lacertae and EBL estimation from observed data (Abstract)
18.04.2013 Dr. Ashish Kumar(University of Buffalo) CMS Pixel Detector :Current Status & Upgrade(Abstract)(Talk)
15.04.2013 Dr. Ashish Kumar(University of Buffalo) Measurement of Cross Sections for W/Z/γ Heavy Flavor Jet Production by the D0 Experiment(Abstract)(Talk)
1.04.2013 Sanmay Ganguly (DHEP, TIFR) Jet Studies in CMS (Abstract)
21.03.2013 Sanjeev Kumar (DHEP, TIFR) Invisible Higgs in VBF (Abstract)
08.03.2013 Prof. Vincenzo Chiochia (University of Zurich, Switzerland) Heavy flavour physics with the CMS experiment (Abstract)
19.02.2013 Prof. Sreerup Raychaudhuri Physics Beyond the Standard Model.A Theorist.s Perspective(Abstract)
22.01.2013 Dr. Vishal Bhardwaj (Nara Women's University, Japan) (Belle collaboration) Experimental update on .New particle spectroscopy(Abstract)
10.01.2013 Dr. Swagoto Banerjee (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA) Higgs Physics at ATLAS: tautau decays, WW-> lnujj decays and Combination(Abstract)
09.01.2013 Prof. Sridhara Dasu (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA) The search for Higgs decaying to two tau leptons (Abstract)
07.01.2013 Dr. Swagoto Banerjee (University of Wisconsin, Madison, USA) Tau Physics at BaBar: Vus, Lepton Universality and Lepton Flavor Violation(Abstract)