Weekly Seminar


09.11.2016 Joel Butler CMS Status and Challenges for 2017, 2018 and Beyond (Talk)
07.11.2016 Devdatta Majumder BSM searches at the LHC using 'boosted jets' (Talk)
03.10.2016 Susnata Seth Calibration of energy and direction of hadron shower for INO-ICAL detector (Talk)
06.09.2016 Meeran Zuberi Atmospheric Effects on GRAPES-3 Shower Trigger and Particle Density (Talk)
27.06.2016 Ram Krishna Dewanjee Search for ttH production in multi-lepton final states at vs = 13 TeV (Talk)
15.06.2016 Ramanath Cowsik High Energy Interstellar Positrons & Antiprotons Relevance to Cosmic Ray & Dark Matter Studies (Talk)
23.05.2016 Arun Babu Dependence of Muon Flux on Atmospheric Temperature (Talk)
05.05.2016 Archana Sharma Particle detectors for radiation : High Energy Physics and Beyond (Talk)
02.05.2016 Maria Cepeda BSM Higgs @ LHC (Talk)
30.03.2016 Sayan Biswas A production scenario of the galactic strangelets and an estimation of their possible flux in the solr neighbourhood (Talk)