Weekly Seminar


04.09.2017 Dr. Sankaranarayanan Selvarajan Establishing tools to optimize surface traps for wiring up trapped ions (abs)
28.08.2017 Dr. Siddhesh Sawant Measurement of Dalitz plot distribution for w->p?p¯p° (abs)
17.08.2017 Niladribihari Sahoo Rare B decays with dimuon final states (abs)
08.08.2017 Prof. Sridhara Dasu Digital Electronics and Firmware Development in High Energy Physics (abs)
31.07.2017 Dr. Harshal Pandya Search for Galactic PeV Gamma Rays with Icecube Neutrino Observatory (abs)
28.07.2017 Dr. Sandhya Jain Construction and beam-tests of silicon-tungsten prototype modules for the High Granularity Calorimeter upgrade of CMS and a first look at Vector Boson Scattering (abs)
27.06.2017 Dr. Prasanth Krishnan K.P. T-odd moments in the D0-> K8 ?+ ?-?0 decay in Belle and continuum suppression tool development for Belle II experiment (abs)
05.06.2017 B Satyanarayana A Summery of TIPP2017 Conference (abs)
23.05.2017 Bajrang Sutar Muon Charge Asymmetry as a function of pt and eta of muons (abs)
23.05.2017 Meenakshi Gaira Whispering Gallery Modes in Microsphere Cavities (abs)
23.05.2017 Aravind H Signal of non SM-like Higgs bosons in NMSSM and MSSM (abs)
22.05.2017 Jhansi Bhavani Precise measurement of arrival Times and particle density in EAS by GRAPES-3 experiment (abs)
22.05.2017 Ninad Jetty Quantum Vacuum and Induced Coherence (abs)
12.05.2017 Suman Chatterjee Perspective on Radius Scan for Inclusive Jets in CMS Experiment (abs)
11.05.2017 Soham Bhattacharya Using Outer Hadron Calorimeter for Muon triggers in CMS experiment and study of stop pair production using tau leptons (abs)
09.05.2017 Pallabi Das Study of Higgs Boson coupling to top quark (abs)
08.05.2017 B S Mallikarjuna The Stiffening of Complex Mechanical Structures (abs)
20.04.2017 Francesco Costanza Recent Results on the Higgs Boson from the CMS Collabortion (abs)
10.04.2017 Sumanta Pal Chandler Project: a vaible technology for short baseline neutrino experiment (abs)
27.03.2017 Nachiketa Chakraborty Astrophysics with Novel Observables (abs)
07.03.2017 Biplab Dey FDIRC: a novel Cherenkov detector for superB and testbeam studies for the LHCb upstream tracker (abs)
06.03.2017 Biplab Dey Rare and semileptonic B decays and search for exotics at LHCb and Babar (abs)
28.02.2017 Muzamil Bhat Search for first generation scalar lepto-quarks in pp collisions at centre of mass energy of 13 TeV (abs)
13.02.2017 Sonal Patel Simulation Studies for Atmospheric Cerenkov Telescope with GAPD Based Camera (abs)
06.02.2017 Biplab Dey Hunting New Physics in B-decay anomalies (Talk)
18.01.2017 Ayan Paul B -> K* mu mu: Analyzing Anomalies and Uncertainties with a Coherent Statistical Analysis (Talk)
13.01.2017 Sridhara Dasu Computing Systems for Hadron Collider Physics (Talk)
12.01.2017 Sridhara Dasu Trigger Systems for Hadron Collider Physics (Talk)
11.01.2017 Sridhara Dasu What's Next at the LHC? On the threshold of discovery… (Talk)
09.01.2017 Ravindrababu Karnam Study of glass resistive plate chambers for the INO-ICAL detector (Talk)
05.01.2017 Adish Vartak Status of New Physics Searches at LHC (Talk)