Department of High Energy Physics

School of Natural Sciences

Tata Institute of Fundamental Research, Mumbai

Academic Scientific Research Scholars Junior Research Fellow
Visiting Fellows/Scientists Laboratory & Technical Administration Auxiliary Services/Facilities

Visiting Fellows/Scientists

Name Email Research Intreset/Laboratory
Dr. Lab SahaGamma Ray astronomy
Dr. T R SaravananCold atoms/Gravitation
Dr. Arnab PalINO
Dr. Amit Shuklaamit008@gmail.comGamma-ray Astronomy
Dr. Vindhyawasini PrasadINO
Dr. Dimitra Atri'sCosmic rays
Dr. Raghavan K E
Dr. Jorge Eduardo Fiscina
Dr. Richard BrittoGamma-ray Astronomy
Dr. Ajay Kumar Srivastava
Dr. Yeshpal Singh
Dr. C. Antoine
Dr. A.C.Gupta
Ms. G.K.Padmashree
Mr. H.Tanaka
Mr. Umananda Dev Goswami
Mr. Pourus D Mehta
Dr. Subhendu Rakshit
Dr. Akitoshi Oshima

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