India and CERN: Visions for future collaboration
(28th Feburary and 01st March 2011)

Venue : BARC Multi Purpose Hall, Anushaktinagar, Mumbai

Organising Commitee Poster
Monday, 28th February 2011
0930 hrs to 1015 hrs Session I Inaugural address.
1. S. Banerjee, Chairman, AEC
2. R. Heuer, Director General, CERN (pptx)
1045 hrs to 1230 hrs Session II Accelerators.
1. CERN accelerator complex : status and
Stephen Myers, CERN (ppt)
2. Ongoing Indian involvement in CERN
accelerator programme,
P. D. Gupta, RRCAT (ppt)
3. Indian industry in accelerator based
M. M. Sharma, IGTR (ppt)
4. India-CERN : ongoing programmes and
future prospects
Atul Gurtu, TIFR (ppt)
1400 hrs to 1600 hrs Session III Detectors.
1. Future Detectors for particle physics,
Archana Sharma, CERN
2. ALICE programme,
Tapan Nayak, VECC (ppt)
3. CMS programme,
Kajari Mazumdar (pdf)
4. RPC Upscope for CMS in Indian context
L. M. Pant, BARC (pptx)
1630 hrs to 1800 hrs Session IV Physics results.
1. Early physics at the LHC,
Rudiger Voss, CERN (pptx)
2. ALICE Physics,
S. Chattopadhyay, SINP (ppt)
3. Heavy Ion Physics at CMS
P. Shukla, BARC (ppt)
Tuesday, 1st March 2011
0930 hrs to 1100 hrs Session V Physics & Grid computing.
1. Delhi University in CMS,
R. Shivpuri (pdf)
2. Physics with ALICE
B. K. Nandi, IIT Bombay (ppt)
3. National Knowledge Network and Grid -
a DAE perspective,
B. S. Jagdeesh, BARC (ppt)
1130 hrs to 1300 hrs Session VI CLIC / Non-LHC physics.
1. The CLIC study
Steinar Stapnes, CERN (pptx)
2. India-based Neutrino Observatory,
N. K. Mondal, TIFR (pptx)
1400 hrs to 1500 hrs Session VII Instrumentation.
1. Indian programmes
Y. P. Prabhakara Rao, BEL
2. Si Preshower for CMS
Anita Topkar, BARC (pptx)
3. Indian programmes
Y. S. Mayya, ECIL (pptx)
1500 hrs to 1600 hrs Session VIII Education.
1. Capacity building at CERN
James Purvis, CERN
2. Indian programmes
R. R. Puri, BARC (pptx)
1630 hrs Session IX Summary.
Impressions/suggestions etc., from
participants (pptx)
End of Meeting