LHC Seminar


Date Speaker Title
23rd November 2011 Marco Pieri (UC San Diego) Higgs Searches at CMS(pdf)
01st September 2011 Nick Von Remortel Past, Present and future of QCD, a personal(experimental)reflection (indico-link)
19th August 2011 Rohini M Godbole Top polarization as a probe to investigate source of forward-backward asymmetry (indico-link)
02nd August 2011 Kajari Mazumdar Hunting Down the Standard Model Higgs Boson at LHC (indico-link)
31st August, 2011 Nick van Remorte (University of Antwerpen, Belgium) Past, Present and future of QCD; A non-extensive experimental overview(pdf)
10th May, 2011 Seema Sharma(Fermilab) Searches for SUSY with Multijets and Missing energy at CMS.A (pdf)
21st Feb,2011 Prashant Shukla(BARC) First results from PbPb Collisions(pdf)