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Discrete Gamma Spectroscopy of Atomic Nuclei Laboratory

Principal Investigators

Prof. Rudrajyoti Palit


We investigate the low energy response of atomic nuclei to rotational stress using a powerful “femtoscope‘’ consisting of segmented high purity Germanium detectors. The nuclei are prepared in excited states (with 10^21 rotations per second) using energetic beams from the heavy ion accelerators. The fast rotating nucleus decays to its ground state, through the intermediate excited states, emitting copious gamma rays that are measured by the femtoscope. By casting the nuclei to various shapes and studying their decays, the emergent properties of complex nuclear many-body system are elucidated.

Tools and Techniques

Members in the group are involved in the simulation, design and testing of state-of-the-art radiation detectors required for the investigation of nuclear structure. The young investigators in the group get the opportunities to work on advanced digital signal processing scheme and data analysis.