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Graduate Program

TIFR has a vibrant international level research environment which is highly conducive for graduate studies. The department of nuclear and atomic physica offers a Ph.D. program and students are selected through a highly competitive entrance exam. Students who qualify for the graduate program of the institute directly after B.Sc. can also obtain an M. Sc. degree enroute to their PhD program. 

Inte­grated Ph.D. Degree

This is a 6-​year research pro­gram, at the end of which the M.Sc. and Ph.D. degree are awarded.

Why join the DNAP at TIFR?
  • Opportunity to participate in cutting edge research with internationally renowned faculty. Please click here to find out about our active areas of research.
  • Quick initiation of research through rotation projects which start in second semester. Rotation projects also allow students to sample different labs before choosing their PhD mentor. Please click here for guidelines on the graduate program.
  • Opportunity to work on collaborative projects involving research groups in physics.
  • Opportunity to interact with leading international scientists through TIFR`s vibrant visitor program which attracts eminent scientists from all over the world for talks and workshops.